UFC 136: Kenny Florian Doesn’t Listen to the Haters, Focused on What He Has to Do

Kenny Florian Video clip Ranking: five / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 136: Kenny Florian Doesn’t Listen to the Haters, Focused on What He Has to Do”

  1. shoveah1 says:

    He’s a crybaby (hes grabbing the fence he’s grabbing the fence)and he wasn’t then (he’s punching the back of my head)

  2. DaJackSt3r says:

    ben stiller

  3. mikeSYKE9 says:

    good luck to kenny everyone knows he deserves it, hes like a lightweight chuck liddell he deserves a good future

  4. voidergary says:

    Lol don’t know why Kenny gets such hate from people

    Guy is an awesome fighter and a good dude

  5. aldojr86 says:

    Kenny Florian started the Vancouver Riots by wearing that Bruins jersey. I’m facing charges for lighting a car on fire and it’s all because of Kenny. Justice will be served when Aldo decapitates Kenny with a double mid air headkick. Tomorrow we’ll be saying ‘Aldo killed Kenny’.

  6. Pencils440 says:

    hahaha those people being stupid about the papercut joke need a life. It was a funny joke, well done Kenny.

  7. MMACENTRAL100 says:

    @baphomet58 Since when has Diego Nunes been a can?

  8. Legitbusiness1182 says:

    he’ll be loosin this fight like all his big fights because he’s a choke artist.

  9. SaffuriousOne says:

    ^__^ OkayS* kenFLO* Ur WISH* is Grant’d, not only will u get 2 “FEEL” what it’s like 4 a SINGLE* night, at Least Seven more 2 a Dozen:

    ^______^ LookS* like “aldo’s” achilleS* hath been “ReveaL’d” go 2 “championShip” roundS* gaS* him, then GnP’ no one is unbeatable, it’s a Game, thou art Human, Survive initiaL* Blitzkrieg, and vouS* wiLL* just D-MoraLize* that Mofo, so FanboyS* can “stop” w/da “IdoL” WHORE-SHIPPING* dah?

    Ando* has Kryptonite as weLL* everyone doeS* Find it, EXPLOIT* it, dah?…

  10. speedcorematik says:

    Kenny focker is gonna be mĂȘlee attacked

  11. signboyy says:

    but most of all during the fight florian needs to coldly observe what is working and keep doing that. and observe what is working set up by those things which are working.

  12. signboyy says:

    kenny can do it if he exploits his limb length advantage with kicks and jabs and can get aldo down and deliver his lethal elbows. if aldo does leg kicks the best defense is a good offence and throw leg kicks of your own so that legs arent stationary to recieve blows. and aldo tries to throw hands double jab him before he gets in range. and if aldo tries to get in even closer clinch and judo throw him so that you can lay on him with your post weigh in weight advantage and deliver elbows.

  13. stevo292 says:

    @ESCAPEDCONVICT01 woot 😀

  14. AJROSS80 says:

    Sorry Kenny, I’m a fan and all but this just isn’t your night, Jose Aldo is one bad Brazilian!

  15. ESCAPEDCONVICT01 says:

    @stevo292 NO he’s not serious you muppet…

  16. heardcountybrave says:

    C’mon Kenflo bring that title to the USA. I would love Stann to win the middleweight title too!

  17. JDM98Ferio says:


  18. DC180 says:

    and fox commentary will be your life too..

  19. randomfrostname says:

    @stevo292 not sure if trolling or just retarded

  20. reflux1986 says:

    Hahah he’s joking about the papercut, are you guys serious?

  21. TheunstopableDouche says:

    haha hes jokeing about the papercut guys thats why they started laughing at the end of video

  22. BrannonMcConkey says:

    @jackburton2009 lol

  23. baphomet58 says:

    kenny looked like shit in his last fight against a can. i don’t see how he wins this even though aldo is overrated as fuck.

  24. goonrush says:

    Go Kenny!

  25. justanotherandomdude says:

    if kenny wins i could see aldo moving to 155 and whooping ass there