Kenny Florian

Kenneth Allan Florian is a professional mixed martial artist who was born on the 26th of May in the year 1976. He is of Latin American descent and hails from Massachusetts. What sets apart Kenny Florian from any other mixed martial artist is that he is the only wrestler to compete in 4 different weight divisions which is a great feat taking into account the enormous workout and fitness required to meet the stringent weight limitation in a single division only. He has been in the professional wrestling circuit for quite some time now and he is one of the most popular wrestlers around. The best part of his game is his attitude and his cerebral approach to every game. He puts in a lot of analysis and before taking on any opponent he runs a full scan on his opponent’s strong and weak points and tactics. Kenny Florian has a very calculated approach to every game and he literally drains his opponent by landing severe but calculated blows inflicting a lot of pain to his opponents.

Kenny Florian was born in Dover and he was born to a big family and he had many siblings. He started out as a soccer player and later joined Boston University and played soccer for his college also. He then gradually became interested in mixed martial arts and he then trained in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from his trainer Roberto Maria. He took an instant liking to this art and he possessed all the qualities that were essential to excel in this art. He is a very hardworking athlete and despite his age he gives many younger and more agile contestants a run for their money. He has maintained himself very well and still he is one of the fittest athletes in the circuit. He presently fights in the featherweight division and has won many major titles in this division.

Kenny Florian began his professional career as a middleweight in the Ultimate Fighter competition. Then he joined lightweight and featherweight division. Apart from competing, he also makes himself useful by providing tips and guidance to young players who are looking to take up mixed martial arts as a career. He also appears in many wrestling matches as analyzer and commentator providing his opinions and excellent understanding of the game and sharing it with the viewers. He has been an important contributor towards this art and the mixed martial arts community will be eternally grateful to him.

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