Kenny Florian Reminisces UFC Days

Most of you must have read about the comeback of BJ Penn when he suffered a defeat.

There are others who have also been on the lookout to have a chance in fighting him again, such as Kenny Florian. Indeed, Kenny is a former fighter and now poses as a UFC analyst. Hence, the reference of wishing to have a rematch is something that he reminisces about. This aspect came up in a recent interview where Kenny talked about his matches with The analyst talked about the different variables that led to a rematch and he also explained why it often happens that the winner who won the first match might take the rematch in a less serious manner.

He states that, when you have already beaten a guy, you tend to become complacent, thinking that, as the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are already known; one does not have to train as hard for rematch as an original or upcoming match. Florian admits that he never had a rematch during his fighting days in MMA. However, given the opportunity he would have wanted to fight BJ Penn again. He lost out to him in a fight way back in 2009.

Kenny feels that the itch to fight back in the ring has faded away with him. It has been nearly six years since he last made an appearance in Octagon though he does confess that BJ Penn from the Hall of Famers is one man he would have liked to have a rematch with. He feels that the match had been a big one and even though he lost, the loss was a motivating one for him. The other defeats that he suffered were against Jose Aldo in 2011 for the featherweight title where he lost as the decision went against him.

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