Kenny Florian: Jose Aldo Doesn’t Have Any Weakness

Kenny Florian Video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Kenny Florian: Jose Aldo Doesn’t Have Any Weakness”

  1. mmaninjitsu says:

    @ChangeZ89 I agree it was boring but it doesn’t change that he won the fight and PS chill the fuck out

    I didn’t talk shit about you so chill the fuck out

  2. ChangeZ89 says:

    @mmaninjitsu you are so fucking retarded, kenny is a joke and did nothing but make the fight boring. I had no problem with kenny until we seen him attempt to Jon fitch aldo. Grabbing your opponent and pushing them against the cage the whole fight is fighting and kenny is a piece of shit for it and I was so happy seeing his sad face. you are a fucking retard if you thought kenny won watch a different sport

  3. mmaninjitsu says:

    this fight was BS

    kenny won

  4. Tommy9834 says:

    Aldo is gonna win via choke, but not a choke applied by any submission, but by the fact that Kenny “chokes” in big fights.

  5. FUdowfinFU says:

    @WadeGHamilton HAHAHAHAHA

  6. tjf00ls says:

    @WadeGHamilton LMFAO

  7. RyanDavis2306 says:

    @WadeGHamilton okey explain this…if Aldos weakness is wrestling as you say, then how the hell is Florian going to win via Headkick round 1……have you ever actually watched Jose Aldo?

  8. RyanDavis2306 says:

    @FantomasMXss no shit haha

  9. Scarfo72 says:

    Florian will never be champ i just don’t see it in him seeing his fights and all well to prove it you will see him get his ass whooped or just lose to aldo.Sorry florian fans.

  10. FantomasMXss says:

    Jose Aldo is the Champion!

  11. cypresspuz says:

    @WadeGHamilton Anybody would understand that. I just thought Florian wanted to be champion, oh well.

  12. YOUNGYEE831 says:

    @WadeGHamilton lmao

  13. WadeGHamilton says:

    @cypresspuz Fighters wanna fight the best of the best competition, I know you probably wouldn’t understand.

  14. WadeGHamilton says:

    Aldo’s weakness is wrestling like all brazilians… Florian by headkick in round 1

  15. nocoolname1 says:

    Florian is a smart fighter , but it’s not gonna matter when Aldo kicks him in the face

  16. GrenadesExplode says:

    When Florain loses to Aldo, and if he decides to go to bantamweight, he’s gonna die…

  17. daberek666 says:


  18. zellster says:

    Let go Kenny! I’m rooting for you.

  19. 7718julian says:

    Is Florian commiting suicide by fighting Aldo?

  20. crimescene08 says:

    this ufc 136 fight card is amazing ..2 title fights we get to see bitch ass sonnen fight lol

  21. eustaquiokevin says:

    yo, i agree 100%. florian is cool, i don’t have a problem with him, but i like aldo more. kenflo should go for that lw title instead. either way i’m still gonna watch this fight.

  22. victormanueification says:

    Kenny tu puedes ganarle a Jose Aldo, tu eres mas alto mas fuerte no solo mayor alcance sino que lo puedes lanzar facilmente como hiciste con Nunes , eres mas inteligente que Jose Aldo necesitas la oportunidad para entrar en su defensa, ya venciste a Gomi que tenia mejor stand up, tu eres un valiente guerrero.
    Respeto y admiracion desde el Peru.

  23. cypresspuz says:

    @pimpbranmuffin Im a Kenflo fan and i DO know the answer: He looks just like fucking Ben Stiller. Who can like a fighter like that?

  24. cypresspuz says:

    I dont get Florian why the fuck would he go down to FW with the fastest motherfuckers?? BJ Penn is no longer the champ beating Maynard or Edgar is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE FOR HIM. Fighting Aldo?? i mean im a Florian fan but this is nutz.

  25. RyanDavis2306 says:

    @mottsimon 5 rounds.title fight