Kenny Florian agrees with Diaz, things GSP is afraid to fight Anderson

It comes as no surprise that Nick Diaz would claim that former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is afraid of fighting former Middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva – there is too much bad blood that still exists between the two.

But it is very surprising to hear someone like former UFC fighter and present commentator Kenny Florian would feel the same. Diaz recently claimed that he is fighting Anderson Silva because St. Pierre is afraid to step into the cage with him and Florian stated that he actually believes Diaz is right.

Diaz, a former champion at Strike Force takes on one of the greatest fighters in history in Anderson Silva at UFC 183in January, who is returning for the first time since an injury on his leg during his rematch for the UFC Middleweight Championship against Chris Weidman in 2013.

And he stated that GSP could easily have taken his place, adding that he needed to barely utter two words and the fight would have been his. But he was running scared of facing Anderson and now the, he has the fight.

While he does agree with Diaz, Kenny Florian believes that the Canadian Mixed Martial Artist, widely considered to be the greatest fighter of his era alongside Anderson, is the greatest champion the UFC has seen. And he considers his apparent fear of facing Anderson a healthy one.

Kenny Florian said that any fighter, more so a champion, would love the odds to be stacked in his favor. For Rush to go up to 185 lbs. and fight someone like Anderson, who many see as the greatest of all time would be unwise and the decision taken by him is the right one, in his opinion.

He added that GSP might be scared but that’s what made him a great champion.

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